Learn How To Learn

Learn How To Learn

I believe that Study is an Art with a unique Science. And without knowing these fundamental of study, no one can get interested in with their continues effort. Without knowing, It will make them bored or puzzled within few minutes. Wherever students will not enjoy their study as much they do his favorite activity or game etc, it becomes always punishable for them. They will sit for study just because of pressure of parents or teachers instead of their own interest.

I have made an interesting solution for students to enjoy their study. Yes, by knowing the concept and art of study students become more comfortable to continue their study without any distraction.

Learn to ‘Learn’ is a two days workshop in which students will be able to:

1. Know the scientific approach of study

2. Improve power of concentration

3. Know the scientific Memory technique(Mnemonics)

4. Know time management

5. Know subject planning

6. Lesson planning

7. Score more in exams and

many more to improve their academic performance.

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