Magicomath (Vedic Mathematics)

Magicomath (Vedic Mathematics)

Most of students get afraid from Math and always try to ignore this subject due to believing extra toughness. But I believe that Math is the best and most entertaining subject for every students for their mental improvement as well as theiracademic growth. Math is the basic subject in our syllabus which make us able to apply our logic. It make us to apply our brain in extra capacity. By solving mathematical problems our brain get exercised at it’s extreme. Which is most important for the development of our brain. We do exercise daily for the physical fitness whether, Mathematics is for the mental fitness.

Magicomath is a two days workshop in which students will be able to:

1. Understand the basic of Mathematics

2. Get interested into mathematical problem solving and to don’t fled away from it

3. Know the shortcuts of lengthy calculations

4. Understand to apply the logical brain in full capacity

5. Fast calculation with accuracy

6. Exercise their brain

7. Fun by knowing many magical calculation(Vedic Mathematics) : For making study entertaining.

8. Score more in exams and

many more to improve their mental as well as academic performance.

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